The Cochrane Canada Symposium is an important annual event providing an opportunity for the Cochrane community in Canada and our stakeholders to learn, network, exchange knowledge and foster new relationships and opportunities. Symposia rotate around the country, with each event hosted by a different Cochrane Canada group or site.

A unique feature of the symposium is the two days of hands-on presymposium workshops for author training, Cochrane methods training, and utilization workshops for consumers, policymakers and health professionals. Approximately 250 people participate in the symposia to hear presentations on Cochrane methods; new developments in systematic reviews, such as diagnostic test reviews, non-RCT (Randomized Control Trial) and qualitative reviews; and knowledge transfer.

Past Symposia:

Cochrane Canada Symposium 2017

     *Please note, this page is password protected and available to those that attended the LSR Workshop on May 13 and 14

  • Cochrane Canada 12th Annual Symposium - Reaching New Heights, Measuring Success
    Calgary, Alberta 21-22 May 2015  
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  • Cochrane Canada 11th Annual Symposium - 20/20 Vision: Cochrane in the Next Decade
    Ottawa, Ontario, 24-25 April 2014
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  • Cochrane Canada 10th Annual Symposium - Health Evidence for ALL
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, 9-10 May 2012 
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  • Cochrane Canada 9th Annual Symposium - Early exposure to Cochrane: Accessible, Credible, Practical
    Vancouver, British Columbia, 6-7 February 2011 

  • Cochrane Canada 8th Annual Symposium - Evidence in Uncertain Times: Meeting the Challenge
    Ottawa, Ontario, 19-20 May 2010
  • Cochrane Canada 7th Annual Symposium - Wave to the Future: Navigating health connections among systematic reviews, policies and practices
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, 11-12 March 2009 
  • Cochrane Canada 6th Annual Symposium - Big Sky: New Horizons for Systematic Reviews in Health Care
    Edmonton, Alberta, 6-7 March 2008 

  • Cochrane Canada 5th Annual Symposium - Knowledge for Health
    Ottawa, Ontario, 12-13 February 2007