Cochrane for Practitioners

The most complete source of Cochrane Reviews is Cochrane Library. Listed below are tools based on Cochrane Reviews that are grouped by clinical topic or tailored to specific health professional groups to help you access Cochrane Reviews that are useful for practitioners.

Tools by clinical topic

Cochrane has 52 Review Groups, each focusing on a different clinical topic. Review Groups often work with outside, relevant organizations to develop tools to improve research in their area of interest and the way it is used in a clinical setting. Click here to see which tools are currently available.  

Tools by patient group

Several resources have been developed by Cochrane and its partners to make it easier to access research evidence related to a particular patient group. These resources have a more narrow focus than The Cochrane Library and are designed to simplify the searching process and provide you with a one-stop shop to information that is directly relevant to you. Click here to see which resources are currently available. 

Tools by health profession

With thousands of studies published each day it can be difficult for health professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest research. Health organizations target this issue by highlighting evidence found in Cochrane Reviews that is relevant to their particular field. This allows healthcare professionals to easily find practice-changing research and how they can use it in their clinical practice. Click here to see which tools are currently available.