Cochrane for Policymakers

The Cochrane Policy Liaison Office (CPLO) is a sub-structure of the Canadian Cochrane Centre and works to increase the use of Cochrane Reviews and other systematic reviews among health system managers and policymakers.

Activities of the CPLO include developing policy resources and tools (e.g. Health Systems Evidence database), promoting the use of evidence in policy decision-making (e.g. conference presentations), providing education and training activities aimed towards policymakers and creating linkages with relevant organizations. Increasing the use of evidence among health system managers and policymakers can improve the health system so that more cost-effective programs, services and drugs can be available to Canadians who need them.

The CPLO is located at McMaster University and is hosted within the McMaster Health Forum and the McMaster Program in Policy Decision Making. Visit the McMaster Health Forum to learn more about the Cochrane Policy Liaison Office.

Health Systems Evidence

Health Systems Evidence is a valuable resource for policymakers, stakeholders and researchers seeking to address today’s most pressing health challenges. It provides answers on questions about how to strengthen or reform health systems, or how to get cost-effective programs, services and drugs to those who need them.

Evidence Informed Healthcare Renewal Portal

The McMaster Health Forum and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have recently launched the Evidence Informed Healthcare Renewal (EIHR) Portal, which is a continuously updated repository of policy-relevant documents that can support transformation and innovation in healthcare renewal.

The 24 types of documents included address priority areas identified by Canadian federal, provincial and territorial governments. The portal provides a single point of access to the ever-growing body of evidence related directly and indirectly to healthcare renewal.

Other Resources

Electronic databases containing synthesized and appraised research evidence:

Research organizations and researchers studying knowledge transfer and exchange in policy decision-making environments:

Organizations and researchers working to facilitate knowledge transfer and uptake in health services and policy decision-making environments: