Cochrane in Canada - What's Your Story?

The Canadian Cochrane Centre proudly presents the winners of its 'What your Story?' competition. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. We received over 80 submissions from all over the country detailing inspirational and moving stories. While it was difficult to select only three winners, our panel of judges proved up to the task. We thank our judging committee who offered their time and expertise in choosing the competition winners.  

Our Winners:

We asked Canadians from coast to coast to coast to share how Cochrane Reviews helped them make clinical, personal, and policy-related decisions. We certainly weren't disappointed with the calibre of submissions recieved. We've heard how Cochrane evidence has helped students with medical school research, how it inspired better practices for elderly care, and how it led to career growth for researchers, among so many other positive outcomes. We would now like to share these stories with you.  

1st Place Winner
Recipient of an Apple iPad

Denise Harrison, Nurse  Denise Harrison
Ottawa, Ontario 

Denise's story:
Cochrane Review sparked research program aimed at reducing pain in infants and children 

* * * * * 

2nd Place Winner
Recipient of a $500 gift certificate

Suzanne Tedrick, Nurse  Suzanne Tedrick
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia 

Suzanne's story:
Nurse Advocates for herself, thanks to Cochrane

* * * * * 

3rd Place Winner

Recipient of a $250 gift certificate

Marilyn Walsh, Caregiver, consumer/patient, peer reviewer, patient advocate  Marilyn Walsh
Caregiver, consumer/patient, peer reviewer, patient advocate
Hamilton, Ontario 

Marilyn's story:
Cochrane Review supports effectiveness of unpleasant procedure 

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