Help find studies about COVID-19: COVID Quest is now live!

Cochrane Crowd is pleased to launch its latest citizen science task: COVID Quest. We need your help to find studies related to COVID-19. Anyone can join this task. To join, simply head over to Cochrane Crowd and once logged in, you will see the task in your task dashboard.

The task is supported by an interactive training module that will guide you through the different types of studies we are looking for.

The studies identified by the Crowd will be fed to Cochrane’s COVID-19 register of studies. This register is fast becoming an essential source of studies for systematic reviewers and others around the world.

Anna Noel-Storr, who manages the Cochrane Crowd platform, says: 

“This new task in Cochrane Crowd is exciting for us because it’s quite different from other tasks. The Crowd are presented with a title and abstract of a research article and they have to answer a series of questions about it relating to the study design and the aim of the study. 

It is one of our more challenging tasks but there is a good training module. It’s a great way to learn a bit about different types of studies while at the same time contribute to the global effort to defeat COVID-19”.

How to participate in COVID Quest:

  1. Go to and sign-up/log-in
  2. Head to your tasks page and you will see a task called COVID Quest
  3. Click the training button to launch the training module

It is anticipated that this task will be live on Cochrane Crowd for the foreseeable future. Our current COVID Quest records are from and provided under license from Elsevier.