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    A pressing need for Cochrane Canada's evidence

    To help meet the urgent healthcare evidence needs of policymakers, guideline developers and clinicians here in Canada and around the world, members of Cochrane Canada continue to lead the way by identifying priority areas for action. Through their groundbreaking work, our members have and continue to generate new evidence that advances the global understanding of COVID-19, ultimately leading to faster and better solutions for all. This includes:

    Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Commissioned by the World Health Organization. Access the review here.

    Ventilation techniques and risk for transmission of coronavirus disease, including COVID-19: a living systematic review of multiple streams of evidence. Commissioned by the World Health Organization. Access the review here.

    Safe management of bodies of deceased persons with suspected or confirmed COVID-19: a rapid systematic review. Commissioned by the World Health Organization. Access the review here.

    COVID-19 and antimicrobial resistance: parallel and interacting health emergencies. Access the evidence here.

    Using GRADE in situations of emergencies and urgencies: certainty in evidence and recommendations matters during the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever and no matter what. Access the evidence here.

    Timely and impactful evidence for you

    We know that basic science research and innovation are vital to containing and mitigating the effects of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Cochrane continues to respond promptly to this unprecedented global health crisis by making our health evidence more accessible to those needing to make informed decisions, including healthcare workers, researchers, policymakers and guideline developers, and the general public.

    Below is a special collection of Cochrane Reviews on topics related to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Each review has been pulled directly from the Cochrane Library. In addition to providing readers with access to this timely evidence, we have included each review's Altmetric attention score, or the weighted measure of attention each review has received in the media, on social media, in policy documents, and other online sources.

    Antibody tests for identification of current and past infection with SARSCoV2
    The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) virus and resulting COVID‐19 pandemic present important diagnostic challenges. Several diagnostic strategies are available to identify current infection, rule out infection, identify people in need of care escalation, or to test for past infection and immune response. Serology tests to detect the presence of antibodies to SARS‐CoV‐2 aim to identify previous SARS‐CoV‐2 infection, and may help to confirm the presence of current infection. Access the review here. View the review's Altmetric score here.

    Signs and symptoms to determine if a patient presenting in primary care or hospital outpatient settings has COVID19 disease
    Some people with SARS‐CoV‐2 infection remain asymptomatic, whilst in others the infection can cause mild to moderate COVID‐19 disease and COVID‐19 pneumonia, leading some patients to require intensive care support and, in some cases, to death, especially in older adults. Diagnostic information could be used to either rule out COVID‐19 disease, or select patients for further diagnostic testing. Access the review here. View the review's Altmetric score here.

    Convalescent plasma or hyperimmune immunoglobulin for people with COVID19: a living systematic review
    Convalescent plasma and hyperimmune immunoglobulin may reduce mortality in patients with viral respiratory diseases, and are currently being investigated in trials as potential therapy for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19)A thorough understanding of the current body of evidence regarding the benefits and risks is required. Access the review here. View the review's Altmetric score here.

    Video calls for reducing social isolation and loneliness in older people: a rapid review
    The current COVID‐19 pandemic has been identified as a possible trigger for increases in loneliness and social isolation among older people, due to the restrictions on movement that many countries have put in place. Loneliness and social isolation are consistently identified as risk factors for poor mental and physical health in older people. Video calls may help older people stay connected during the current crisis by widening the participant’s social circle or by increasing the frequency of contact with existing acquaintances. Access the review here. View the review's Altmetric score here.

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    Additional resources

    Cochrane Canada is encouraging its friends, partners and collaborators to continue monitoring other reliable sources of information on COVID-19. These include: