Cochrane is seeking a new generation of senior leaders for its vibrant Review Networks

Specifications: Maximum of 0.2 FTE
Salary: Competitive 
Location: Flexible
Application Closing Date: 13 November 2017


Cochrane is creating eight new Networks of Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) responsible for the efficient and timely production of high-quality systematic reviews that address the research questions that are most important to decision makers. The creation of these thematic Networks provides an exciting opportunity for experts in the field to join Cochrane’s new editorial leadership and help the organization deliver its Strategy to 2020 objectives.

Cochrane is delighted to announce that we are looking for eight high-performing Senior Editors to lead the Networks, covering the review production areas of:

  • Acute and Emergency Care;
  • Brain, Nerves and Mind;
  • Cancer;
  • Children and Families;
  • Circulation and Breathing;
  • Long-term Conditions and Ageing (two distinct Networks); and
  • Public Health and Health Systems.

 Accountability and Responsibility

Senior Editors are accountable to Cochrane’s Editor in Chief. Upon their appointment, Senior Editors will form the newly established Editorial Board for the Cochrane Library, along with colleagues representing methods, knowledge translation and end users. The Editorial Board will be responsible for supporting the EiC and overseeing development and implementation of editorial strategy, in particular the review production process for Cochrane Reviews, and also monitoring the performance of the Cochrane Library. 

Within their individual Network, working with CRG teams and the Associate Editor, the Senior Editor’s main responsibilities are both strategic and operational:

  • Ensure that the reviews produced and published by the CRGs within the Network are of high quality and meet Cochrane’s standards.
  • Identify gaps in scope coverage based on (at a minimum) the global burden of diseases, and lead and support prioritization processes within the Network.
  • Lead and support the identification of shared priorities within the Network.
  • Support communication between the Network and Cochrane community.
  • Support innovation in the production of Cochrane systematic reviews and their enduse.

Each Senior Editor will be responsible for one Network.

Person specification

Senior Editors will possess the seniority and experience that enables them to fulfil their roles, preferably with the expertise relevant to an organization such as Cochrane, operating as a not-for-profit charity in the research and publishing sectors.

Senior Editors should also have experience and expertise in key areas of systematic review production, and in addition should be able to demonstrate:

  • Sensitivity, openness, and awareness of non-verbal communication;
  • Critical thinking, creativity, and strategic awareness;
  • An ability to identify potential problems and deal with risk;
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and an awareness of issues of equity.

Essential attributes:

  • Leadership and strategy skills and experience
  • Skills and knowledge in basic and advanced systematic review methods
  • Recent experience of conducting and leading high-quality systematic reviews (Cochrane Reviews desirable)
  • Advanced communication, influencing, and negotiation skills
  • Advanced problem solving and time management skills
  • Strong commitment to Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020, and the importance of high quality, relevant systematic reviews that impact on health care and policy
  • Ability to support and lead innovation
  • Ability to commit to being available for one day per week for a three-year period

Desirable attributes:

  • Relevant content expertise
  • Past or present experience of being a Co-ordinating Editor of a high performing CRG
  • Past or present experience of editing systematic reviews


The Senior Editors will receive funding from Cochrane to support their work – scaled at about one day per week of activity. 

Senior Editors will be able to draw on support from the Associate Editor allocated to their Network, and from a Methods Support Team. Cochrane’s Central Executive Team (CET) will also seek internal and external opportunities for attracting resources for additional support to Networks.

Term of appointment

Senior Editors will be appointed in January 2018. They will serve as members of Cochrane’s Editorial Board for a period of three years, renewable.

Co-ordinating Editors who wish to apply for a Senior Editor’s position within a Network that consists of their CRG, should be prepared to step down from that role for the duration of their appointment.

Recruitment process

This position is open to anyone who meets the requirements described above.

All applications will be reviewed by the Editor in Chief, the Deputy Editor in Chief, and the Sustainability Project Team, who will jointly make the appointments.

We are open to job share applications that describe how the functions will be divided, and how continuity will be achieved. We would also welcome applications from candidates wishing to undertake this role as a part-time secondment from their employer.

The appointment process will consider the need for all aspects of diversity, including those of gender, age, experience, language and geographical location. Cochrane’s Editor in Chief aims to appoint a balanced Editorial Board that includes Senior Editors who possess a wide range of content and methodological expertise.

How to apply

To apply please send a letter, Curriculum Vitae, and letter of support to Cochrane's Recruitment Team by Monday 13th November 2017.