How can I help #saveCochraneCanada?

When we announced Cochrane Canada’s funding challenge at the 2015 Symposium, the response from attendees was clear: You want to help! We are working hard on many fronts, but there is strength in numbers. The offer of assistance is welcome and enthusiastically accepted. Here are our thoughts on what you can do to help us:  

Get the word out!

Now, more than ever, we must let Canadians know what Cochrane Canada does and what will be lost if we are forced to close. We will be regularly posting material on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog that supports the case for ongoing funding of Cochrane Canada. We encourage you to use this information to raise awareness of our value and our funding challenge. Public awareness is important, but we should also make a concentrated effort to inform potential funders and political leaders. A federal election is on the horizon. Let’s press our candidates to renew Canada’s leadership in evidence-informed decision-making by reinvesting in Cochrane Canada!

Share your impact stories

The quality of Cochrane reviews is well known, and it is easy enough to demonstrate our productivity. We need to show potential funders that Cochrane Canada makes a difference. Tell us how your participation in Cochrane Canada or your use of Cochrane evidence has made a difference to your health, to your workplace, to your family, to your career, to your life, etc. Or tell us a story about how Cochrane has improved health care or health research in Canada. We want to hear from you! We have started a blog to share all of your stories. Submit your story online and we will share it with our community.

Share your funding ideas 

We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to secure future funding. We have the obvious funding routes covered, but chances are we haven’t thought of everything. Let us know your ideas for finding new funds or demonstrating Cochrane Canada’s value. You might know of people or organizations that could help our cause. Please let us know via email: