Cochrane Reviews help with Hospital Policy Development

The following story was received from a nurse working in Frederiction, New Brunswick. 

I work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Inpatient Diabetes Education and Management in Fredericton, NB. When I started this position in 2009, I realized the hospital needed new guidelines and policies around inpatient care of diabetes. Since I was still at UNB (University of New Brunswick) and trying to finish my Master's degree in Nursing, I was well aware of the benefits of Cochrane Review. So, I used them on a daily basis to find the most recognized research with the highest standard in evidence-based health care and up-to-date best practices on inpatient care of patients with diabetes. In particular, the use of the trials of patient education and skills training for healthcare professionals.

One particular area I looked at is the best treatment of hypoglycemia in hospital and also the best way to educate nurses on the proper treatment of hypoglycemia for patients with diabetes who experience moderate to severe hypoglycemia while they are inpatients. This has furthered the development of a region-wide policy on hypoglycemia in the general patient population - a policy that is much needed at this time as patients who are admitted to hospital are sicker and in greater need of education. Cochrane Reviews continue to influence my work on a daily basis. Cochrane Reviews easily provide the individual with the most accurate list of current and up-to-date information, studies and research on any area of health care, public policy, etc. that is currently in use.