Canadian Nurses Association supports Cochrane Canada

Cochrane Canada has received the following letter of support from the Canadian Nurses Association:

Dear Dr Grimshaw, 

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) highly values Cochrane Canada's model as an effective and flexible platform for knowledge translation (KT), and KT events to supports nurses and other health care providers to put knowledge into practice. The CNA also values Cochrane Canada's leadership in fostering training opportunities for systematic reviewers. The quality and quantity of Cochrane Canada's reviews and updates provide our 135,000 members with relevant and appropriate access to evidence-based research that is invaluable to the nursing profession. 

Since its inception, Cochrane Canada has become a significant element of Canada's knowledge infrastructure to support health care decisions made by nuses and other health care professionals, policy makers, and funders. Cochrane Canada's capacity to produce high-quality, patient-oriented research, strongly supports our members by providing quality reviews that inform nurses and decision makers when translating evidence-based research into nursing practice and appropriate health care delivery. 

CNA strongly encourages continued funding support for Cochrane Canada's current model, especially as we look at current healthy issues and emerging trends in Canada. Access to Cochrane Canada's resources and supports will remain essential for the nursing profession to continue to meet both patient and health system needs in Canada into the future. 

CNA is the national professional voice of registered nurses (RNs) in Canada. CNA advances the practice of nursing and the profession to improve health outcomes in a publicly funded not-for-profit health system in the public interest. 


Anne Sutherland Boal, RN, BA, MHSA

Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Nurses Association