Micheal G. DeGroote Cochrane Canada Centre

In 2016, the Michael G. DeGroote Cochrane Canada Centre formalized a move from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) to its original home of McMaster University – widely acknowledged as the home of evidence-based medicine.

The Centre supports Cochrane initiatives across the country by conducting education activities, functioning as the communications and knowledge brokering lead for Cochrane Canada, and advocating for the use of evidence in decision-making within Canada.

Michael G. DeGroote Cochrane Canada Centre Team

Dr. Holger Schünemann is a professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI) - formerly the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics - at McMaster University. His scientific work focuses on evidence synthesis, quality of life research and the presentation and development of healthcare recommendations spanning clinical medicine to public health.

As a key contributor to the revised methods for the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline development in 2006 and the Institute of Medicine statement on trustworthy guidelines in 2011, Dr. Schünemann led the reshaping of practice guideline development methodology. He has been an advisor to ministries of health, other governmental organizations and professional societies for their guideline programs. He is Co-chair of the GRADE working group, for which he coined the name and plays a vital role in disseminating its spirit of collaboration, openness and advancement of evidence assessment and the creation of better healthcare recommendations.

Dr. Nancy Santesso has been involved with and a strong supporter of the Cochrane Collaboration since 2002. In addition to her role as Deputy Director of Cochrane Canada, she is a member of the Governing Board of the Cochrane Collaboration, and editor of the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Review Group. She is a Registered Dietitian by background and Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact at McMaster University. There, in the Health Research Methods graduate program, she coordinates the systematic review course. She has also provided training in Cochrane systematic reviews for over more than a decade.

Since 2009, Dr. Santesso has been a member of the GRADE Working Group - a group dedicated to the rigorous development of clinical practice guidelines and the use of evidence from systematic reviews in guidelines. She has trained guideline developers and facilitated guideline panel meetings using the GRADE approach for the World Health Organization (WHO) and other professional organizations nationally and internationally. Her research interests include the engagement of patients and the public in evidence synthesis and use, and the communication of evidence to patients and the public as plain language summaries of systematic reviews and as patient versions of guidelines.

Managing Director

Adrienne Stevens, MSc, PhD

Research Coordinators

Stephanie Duda, MSc
Karla Solo, MSc


Elyana Tahiri