2011 Webinars




Thursdays in June Series - Cochrane 101

A primer to Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy reviews
Dr. Mariska Leeflang, Co-Convenor, Cochrane Screening and Diagnostic Tests Methods Group and Member, Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy Working Group.
Learn about what diagnostic test accuracy reviews are and what they can be used for.

Communicating using Graphs
Dr. Charlie Goldsmith, Simon Fraser University
Learn about basic principles in graphic communication in health care.

A primer to Cochrane overview of reviews (6 June)
Denise Thomson, Michelle Foisy, Lorne Becker
Learn about what overview of reviews are and a brief look at the steps of conducting one.
Thursdays in June Series
Adrienne Stevens, Education Coordinator, Canadian Cochrane Centre

Session one - Who and what is the Cochrane Collaboration? What are systematic reviews?

Session Two - Learn & search The Cochrane Library

Session Three: A ‘snapshot’ of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part I)

Session Four: A ‘snapshot’ of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part II)

PROSPERO, the International Prospective of Systematic Reviews
David Moher, Jesse Berlin, Tammy Clifford, Alison Booth, and Jeremy Grimshaw
Learn why protocol registration, importance from industry and public funding perspectives, the ‘nuts and bolts’ of registration, and how to implement.

Taking the masks off blinding
Isabelle Boutron, Co-Convenor, Cochrane Bias Methods Group
Why is it important? Is it always feasible? What are the different methods of blinding? How should blinding be assessed in primary studies for Cochrane reviews?

What makes research with humans subjects ethical?
Carla Saenz, Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization 
Is informed consent enough? Dr. Carla Saenz, Health Research Ethicist, discusses the seven requirements of ethical research with human subjects and leads us in a case study application.