2010 Webinars








A GATE to walk through
Rod Jackson, University of Auckland
Explains the GATE (Graphic Appraisal Tool for Epidemiology) approach to critical appraisal.

Health Systems Evidence, Evidence to Support Policymaking and Management
Lori Greco, Kaelan Moat and Michael Wilson, McMaster University
On overview of Health Systems Evidence.... What is it? And how can I use it?

Finding adverse effects studies…the search is on!
Su Golder, Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group
Find out where and how to search, biases and challenges involved, and where to find support

Data Xtraction for adverse effects - Xactly what we need!
Yoon Loke, Co-Convenor, Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group
An important discussion of extracting adverse effects data for Cochrane reviews using hands-on examples.

Crystal clear reporting: importance of using PRISMA for systematic reviews
David Moher, EQUATOR Network Executive Group
The importance of reporting guidelines to improve the quality and transparency of health research and specifically of the PRISMA statement for systematic reviews.

Becoming a Pro with GradePro
Nancy Santesso, Cochrane Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group
Creating Summary of Findings tables in Cochrane reviews!

GRADEing the evidence in systematic reviews

Holger Schünemann, Cochrane Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group
About the use of GRADE in Cochrane systematic reviews.
What equity can do for you!
Erin Ueffing, Cochrane Equity Methods Group
When is equity important? How do you address it your systematic review?