Nova Scotia Site

The Nova Scotia Site of Cochrane Canada is a regional site of the Cochrane Canada. It aims to build local capacity in the province of Nova Scotia by supporting systematic review research and by facilitating evidence-informed healthcare practice and policy. They do so by engaging in a diverse and complementary range of activities, including:

  • Education and Training: The Nova Scotia Site of Cochrane Canada works collaboratively with the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit to provide training in systematic review methodology;
  • Promotion of Cochrane Evidence: We support and extend the activities of Cochrane through a variety of mechanisms including providing support and building capacity for local trainees, researchers and clinicians to engage in and consume systematic reviews and by profiling Cochrane evidence at local events; and
  • Cochrane Prognosis Methods Group (PMG) Coordination: The PMG’s role is to support review authors who seek to incorporate prognosis information into their therapeutic or diagnostic reviews, and to establish appropriate and high quality methods for undertaking systematic reviews and meta-analyses of prognosis studies. As the coordinating site, we organize, administer and provide general support for the activities of the PMG.

Funders, Supporters and Partners

The work of the Nova Scotia Cochrane Resource Centre would not be possible without the past and present support of:



Jill A. Hayden, DC, PhD

Research Coordinator

Rachel Ogilvie, BSc, MA

Project Coordinator

Andrea Smith, BSc, MSc, PhD (c)

Evidence Synthesis Coordinator 

Sarah Visintini, BA, MLIS

If you would like more information on the Nova Scotia Site of Cochrane Canada, or on systematic reviews in general, please email