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Cochrane Canada can’t be beat for productivity and value for money

You would be hard pressed to find a research program as productive and cost-effective as Cochrane Canada. With an annual budget of around $2 million, Cochrane Canada contributes 10% of Cochrane reviews globally. Cochrane pays for the infrastructure to support volunteer researchers through each step of the systematic review process, a very...

Cochrane by Numbers

Our stats don't lie, find out what we've been up to over the past two decades on our Cochrane by Numbers page. 

Cochrane for self, Cochrane for others

I was introduced to Cochrane by another consumer in 2007, at the time knowing nothing about Cochrane or systematic reviews. The training I received through Cochrane Canada and subsequent Colloquia made me aware of the need for critical appraisal of research and health-related information. Cochrane and its evidence-based systematic reviews have...

How can I help #saveCochraneCanada?

Please visit our Funding page or our How can I help? page to learn more about our funding situation and what you can do to help out!