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The Wonderful World of Cochrane: What you can find when you least expect it, and need it most

I've had rheumatoid arthritis since 1992, but it wasn't until I joined Patient Partners in Arthritis that I heard about Cochrane.  Five years into my disease, I had long since stopped waiting for a magic bullet to come along to fix me and had started taking my medication armamentarium a lot more seriously.  I turned to Cochrane to give...

Cochrane and Open Access

Cochrane’s vision is for everyone to have free and unlimited access to the thousands of systematic reviews in the Cochrane Library. This vision is not far from becoming reality. Right now, Cochrane evidence is freely available through the review abstracts and plain-language summaries, published in multiple languages, including English and French....

Infographic: Cochrane by numbers

Our latest infographic displays how Cochrane operates in Canada. Our productivity speaks for itself, take a look and learn more about "Cochrane by Numbers".

Infographic: Cochrane members in Canada

In our newest infographic, we breakdown our members by province and territory - including our authors, consumer representatives, editors, and trainers. 

In the Cochrane model, patients are experts

Patients are central to the work of Cochrane. This goes back to the founding of the collaboration in 1993, when patients were recruited to the first board of directors. Patients continue their oversight role for the collaboration, and patients are members of Cochrane Canada’s own advisory board. But the contribution of patients goes well beyond...