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What is Cochrane and Why Am I Blogging About It?

The following entry was posted by Annette McKinnon, Consumer Advocate, on her blog Here's Your Gold Watch: Cochrane is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization. They have 31,000 volunteers around the world working on organizing medical research information in a systematic way so that patients, policy makers,...

Health Action Lobby supports Cochrane Canada

The Health Action Lobby (known as HEAL) is disappointed to learn that the Canadian Institutes of Health Research will not renew Cochrane Canada’s funding.Formed in 1991, HEAL is a coalition of 39 national health organizations, representing over 650,000 health and service providers. We are committed to the highest standards of care and applying the...

Cochrane Profiles - Managing Editor

We have provided a bird's eye view of how Cochrane operated as an enabling platform for systematic reviews, but today we pull back the curtains a little more and profile one of our managing editors, who are the backbone of the enabling platform. Below is an interview with Jordi Pardo Pardo, Managing Editor of the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Review...

Infographic: Cochrane Webinars

Did you know Cochrane Canada webinars have been viewed more than 40,000 times over the past five years? Or that 35% of our webinar attendees are located outside of Canada? Learn more interesting statistics in our newest Cochrane by Numbers infographic on WEBINARS. 

Health Evidence - Disseminating Cochrane reviews to public health professionals across Canada

The Health Evidence registry houses over 900 quality-rated public health relevant Cochrane reviews, with links to full text, plain language summaries, and podcasts for each review (where available). Cochrane reviews are the most highly-accessed content in Twitter and webinars http...