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Infographic: Cochrane Translation

Did you know that Cochrane Reviews are done in more than just English? In fact, Cochrane Reviews are available all around in the world in many different languages, to increase reach and accessibility. Check out our next infographic from our friends at Cochrane Translation. 

Cochrane Canada Advisory Board member appointed to Scientific Advisory Committee

Cochrane Canada would like to extend warm wishes of congratulations to our Advisory Board member Dr Stuart Macleod, who was appointed to the Council of Canadian Academies' Scientific Advisory Committee. Via CCA...The Council of Canadian Academies is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to its Scientific Advisory Committee:...

A letter to our colleague, Canada’s new Minister of Health

The following is an editorial repost from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. All editorial matter in CMAJ represents the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Canadian Medical Association. ©2015 8872147 Canada Inc. or its licensors CMAJ 1 CMAJ Editorial. Matthew B. Stanbrook MD PhD, Ken Flegel MD, Diane Kelsall MD...

A new government, a new chance for Cochrane Canada

The following is a guest entry by Katie Gibbs, Executive Director of Evidence for Democracy. This past month has brought some stark and refreshing changes to science in Canada. During the federal election campaign—where science became a surprisingly prominent issue—the Liberals made a number of election promises aimed at strengthening science...

A word from our CEO, Mark Wilson

"Cochrane's main challenge at the moment is the funding threat faced by Cochrane Canada following the decision of the CIHR to end its current form of support. We've been supporting the efforts of Cochrane Canada to find alternate sources of funding support in 2016 and beyond. And I want to salute the work of Jeremy Grimshaw,...