Infographic: Cochrane Translation

Did you know that Cochrane Reviews are done in more than just English? In fact, Cochrane Reviews are available all around in the world in many different languages, to increase reach and accessibility. Check out our next infographic from our friends at Cochrane Translation. 

Infographic: Knowledge Translation

Our final infographic in our series on Cochrane by Numbers speaks to our Knowledge Translation (KT). KT is a huge part of what we do at Cochrane Canada! We are affiliated with 26 partner organizations, each with a designated representative who liaises with our Knowledge Broker. Collaboration with other health organizations...

Infographic: Cochrane Special Events

Ever wonder what's invovled in a Cochrane Colloquium or Symposium? Or how many abstracts have been presented in the past decade? Well wonder no more! Our newest infographic is jam-packed with wonderful Cochrane Canada information. Find out how important Cochrane Canada special events are and why we need to continue our efforts to #...

Infographic: Workshops

It's a new week and that means a new infographic! Our latest infographic details the work Cochrane Canada does through its various workshops across the country. These workshops consist of Standard Author Training, Train the Trainer, and more!

Infographic: Cochrane Webinars

Did you know Cochrane Canada webinars have been viewed more than 40,000 times over the past five years? Or that 35% of our webinar attendees are located outside of Canada? Learn more interesting statistics in our newest Cochrane by Numbers infographic on WEBINARS.