Cochrane Canada Symposium 2017 - Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Cochrane Canada invites you to submit abstracts for posters, oral presentations and workshops starting 15 February 2017. We welcome abstracts that reflect our mission: To promote evidence informed health decision making by producing high quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence.

We look forward to receiving abstracts on a variety of topics relevant to evidence producers and decision makers, including:

  1. New and innovative methods to produce systematic reviews and evidence syntheses.
  2. Strategies to engage decision makers in the production and use of high priority, relevant and accessible evidence syntheses.
  3. Strategies to promote the use of evidence by decision makers, including consumers, practitioners, researchers, policy makers and others.

 *Please note: All presenters of accepted abstracts are required to register and attend the Symposium.

Abstract submission process

Abstracts will be accepted for three types of presentations:

  1. Oral Presentations: Concurrent oral presenters will have approximately 20 minutes each to present during a 75-90 minute session, with time allotted for questions.
  2. Posters: Posters will be displayed during the entire two-day Symposium.
  3. Workshops: Workshops are 75-90 minutes long and must be an interactive learning experience.

Abstracts are welcomed from all interested parties. Acceptance of abstracts into the Symposium program will be determined by the Abstract Committee based on relevance and scientific quality of the submitted work.

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words (not including title, authors and affiliations). Abstracts for oral presentations and posters should use the following headings: Background and Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions. Workshop abstracts should use the following headings: Background, Learning objectives, and Proposed interaction and exercises.

We are no longer accepting abstracts.