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Cochrane Reviews help with Hospital Policy Development

The following story was received from a nurse working in Frederiction, New Brunswick. I work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Inpatient Diabetes Education and Management in Fredericton, NB. When I started this position in 2009, I realized the hospital needed new guidelines and policies around inpatient care of diabetes. Since I was still at...

A Student's effort to impact Best Practice Guideline Adoption

The following story was received from a student at the University of Nothern British Columbia. While I was still a Master's student in Community Health, I took on the opportunity to work on a volunteer project with Northern Health. Northern Health was looking for ways to improve practitioner adoption of best practice guidelines in the pursuit of...

Cochrane Canada focuses on Evidence-Based Migrant Health

The following is a guest entry from Kevin Pottie MD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Bruyère Research Institute, University of Ottawa.In 2007, a group of Canadian researchers, health practitioners and international organizations met to plan the development of the first ever evidence-based migrant...

Doulas support clients making healthcare decisions

The following story was submitted during our Cochrane Impact Story competition in 2014.Not long ago, I was pregnant with my first child. I attended a prenatal class, and the instructor suggested we should hire a doula to attend the birth (this was the first time I'd ever heard the word!). The instructor gave us the title of a research article, "...

Infographic: Cochrane Translation

Did you know that Cochrane Reviews are done in more than just English? In fact, Cochrane Reviews are available all around in the world in many different languages, to increase reach and accessibility. Check out our next infographic from our friends at Cochrane Translation.